How to Choose Tile for Your Log Home

By Ceramic Design

For the better part of a year, my husband and I have been talking about tiling our kitchen. Our project has stalled because unlike paint, which can be changed on a whim, tile seems so much more permanent—and costly. Frankly, we’re afraid to take the plunge, because with all the tile design options out there, we don’t want to make the wrong decision.

And as Morwenna Brett, author of The Home Decorator’s Tile Bible, will tell you, the tile universe has opened wide, including everything from glass, metal, cork—even leather—to its tried-and-true ceramic and porcelain repertoire. But fear not—she has some tips for incorporating successful tile design in a log home. And thanks to her advice, I think we finally may be ready to dive in.

KEEP IT SIMPLE. Sometimes a natural, neutral tile color is the most beautiful option for a log home and will never look boring or outdated.

MINIMIZE MIXING. According to Morwenna, when creating tile combinations (glazed ceramic with glass, tumbled stone with metallics), less is definitely more. Two distinct types of tile are enough to create interest. Don’t be tempted to mix three or more different materials—the result could look messy.

CONSIDER THE IMPACT OF PATTERNS. In Morwenna’s opinion, just about any tile pattern (see sidebar, right) is log home appropriate. Some designs, like “basket weave” and “pinwheel” impart country flair. Others, like “octagon with dot,” can feel more retro. Combining patterns gives you more of an informal feeling than using a single pattern will. Or think about using some of the new materials, like metallic inserts, hand-painted accent tiles or leather squares in lieu of patterns to add interest.

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Types of Decorative Tiles Flooring designs

By Ceramic Design

One of the fastest growing trends in the flooring, tiles come in various designs, sizes and materials. Numerous brands available in the market make the choice even more complicated.  In this article we will discuss some of the guidelines one should keep in mind before going ahead with the tile flooring.

Types of Decorative Tiles are

Unglazed Tiles

Unglazed tiles are made up of baking clay. Basic color of tiles is orange-red. Now, with the help of upgrade techniques tiles are coming up in more colors but color range is limited from chocolate to ochre. Motted looked tiles are also available in the market.

In unglazed tiles both handmade and machine made with wide range in texture are available. Machine made are harder and durable.


Glazed Tiles

Glazed tiles are smoother and have more shine than of unglazed ones. Wide color range with different motifs are now available in market with which one can go for interesting patterns.
Glazed tiles are thin with surface texture range from high gloss to mat and pebbly. Even tiles with rough texture gets prone to slickness when exposed to water, that is why glazed tiles are not preferred to external surfaces.


Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are right choice for modernizing your house. The mosaic tiles are durable and are available in different designs and shapes. For those who are looking for variety in color, texture and designs, mosaic tile is a good choice for them. Read more »