Black Pottery Pot with Double Rings

By Ceramic Design Ideas

Black Pottery Pot with Double Rings

Longshan Culture (ca. 2400-2000 BCE), Neolithic Era (ca. 10000- ca. 2000 BCE)

The black pottery was fired in a strongly reducing atmosphere (lacking oxygen); during the last stage of firing the fire was extinguished, the kiln was closed, and water was poured from the top chimney; carbon element from the fuel infiltrated the ceramic wall through the steam. Longshan is a Late Neolithic culture. It was named after Longshan village, Zhangqiu county, Shandong province where it was first recognized in 1928. The vessel was made on a rotating wheel which became common during the Longshan culture, and vessels became thinner than before



How to Make a Clay Coil Pot

By Ceramic Design

Pottery is an amazingly creative and unique way to express yourself. Making a clay coil pot is easier than you think! This article shows you how to make a clay coil a step at a time.

  • 1.First find a smooth, flat surface that you can use to make pottery on.
  • 2.Take a piece of clay or modeling clay and flatten into a circle. You can use a saucer, small plate, cup bottom, or jar lid and make a flat circle of clay — or square! This is the base of your pot.
  • 3.Take pieces of clay and roll it between both your hands making a coil. Then place the coil on the flat surface and continue rolling. Make the coil as smooth as possible.
  • 4.After you make a several coils take one coil and place it onto the flat base. Attach the coil to the base by pressing the coil into the base. Remember to attach everything from the inside of the pot — the part of the pot that isn’t facing you.
  • 5.After you have the first coil attach coils one at a time making sure to attach them from the inside of the pot. Try to smooth out the inside of the pot — if the clay becomes dry use a little water on your hands and smooth the clay out.
  • 6.Once you have attached as many coils as you want and have smoothed out the inside of the pot you can then decorate the front of the pot. Try using a nail and softly carving designs into the clay. You can also take pieces of clay, make shapes (like hearts!) and attach it to the front of the pot.
  • 7.You can then either leave your pot in a warm oven to bake the pot or leave it in the sun — both will dry the clay out and make the clay harden.
  • 8.That’s it! Now you can consider painting the pot or glazing the pot. Put your pot on display and enjoy!