Celadon Washer Applied with Four Molded Fish, Longquan Ware

By Ceramic Design Ideas

Celadon Washer Applied


Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368)

Longquan kiln is located in Longquan, Zhejiang province When the washer is filled with water, the four fish seem swimming freely in a pond. Located in Longquan county of Zhejiang province, the Longquan kiln was the largest non-official kiln complex in south China during the Song (960-1279) and Yuan dynasties. Longquan wares were exported to many countries including Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, and Egypt. Here is a case in point: Among some 17,000 porcelain wares datable to the Yuan dynasty recovered from a sunken vessel under the sea of South Korean in 1976, more than 9,000 were Longquan wares.