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Foshan ceramics industry in transition by popular vote in the wind

By Ceramic Design

Recently, a number of institutional investors gathered in PE “dialogue PE Foshan City, Guangdong Province and the SME Development Forum”, ceramic industries favored by the wind to vote.

According to the Shenzhen Investment Management Company Oriental Fuhai said Chen Wei, chairman of the Foshan trip is to find high-end ceramic enterprises in investment opportunities, and create Oriental Investment Co., Ltd. has invested a well-known ceramics enterprises in Foshan.

Foshan host integration and Noah Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (Foshan) wealth management center for the invitation and the three investment institutions, including the East Fuhai Shenzhen Investment Management Company, creators Eastern Investment Co., Ltd., venture capital of the morning, they believe that transition Foshan enterprises need investors.

“Growth” has been invited to PE in the speech repeatedly emphasized the elements of the primary investment, and the transformation of Foshan ceramics industry seems to show a new “growth.”

Chen Wei, chairman of the East Fuhai, Liu, chairman of Morningside Venture day expressed the hope that in a year with Foshan enterprises “marriage.”

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