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Shenzhen will become the leading city of the world’s ceramics industry

By Ceramic Design

Shenzhen will become the leading city of the world’s ceramics industry
“Ceramic Fair will Youngpoong source world, so that China’s traditional culture of the ceramic Games.” Yesterday, on the 1st in the Fair Lane, Yong Feng, chairman of the source of the Group, “Mission Hills porcelain Valley” to create the right Liu Yuen-fai fat face full of smile. Chinese ceramics in recent years as the rise of the brand new leader, he was busy reception wave and wave of hope into “porcelain Guanlan Valley” of the domestic and foreign businessmen to cooperate.

“Yesterday, through the Fair will be the platform that we and the State Development Bank, the Japanese company of your music in your music, Hebei and Jiangxi Jingdezhen Cixian two ceramic enterprises focus on the signing ceremony of cooperation, such cooperation or whether it is from the capital market, are Youngpoong source contribute to the completion of the dream of bigger and stronger, it can be said quite abundant harvest. “Liu told reporters the right-hui, in addition, he is more proud that, through the display of ceramic Youngpoong source, let the people see to accomplish a great deal of traditional Chinese culture, to enhance the international image of China plays a significant role.

It is understood that in March 2007 in the National Exhibition on Russia and China, fine porcelain Youngpoong source ceremony was elected the country presented to the Russian President Vladimir Putin and former President, when President Putin to take up a porcelain interesting interest called the “big Chinese goods.” Many people in the booth on the message that these magnificent porcelain fine behind a pool of national revival of the Chinese enterprises in the history of ceramic production responsibility.

“Porcelain Guanlan Valley” is introduced in Bao’an District, government regulation, business investment and a new model, the source model through the play Youngpoong brand to attract domestic and foreign brands of advanced ceramic entry. Its under the display of Chinese porcelain and cultural experience, the International Porcelain Expo Trade Center, the International Cultural and Creative Design Center porcelain, ceramic and cultural training for international exchange center, the International Cultural Forum porcelain features five theme areas, the ultimate goal is to build a global culture of high-end ceramic the core area. At present, Japan’s “Jingdezhen” of the “nine Valley” in ceramics, has been assigned to “porcelain Guanlan Valley.”

“Why ‘Guanlan porcelain Valley’ ability to attract as Japan ‘nine Valley fire’ this world-class ceramic art to join?” Mr Rutherford said the right, hit by the financial crisis, in Europe and the U.S. market a lot of prestigious ceramics enterprises declared bankrupt, in the midst of are the source of contrarian growth Shenzhen Yongfeng Porcelain giant international attention. “Nine Valley burned” many times, make unannounced visits to the Group of Experts sent Youngpoong source of Shenzhen high-tech transformation of traditional industries through to vigorously support the development of cultural industries to conduct a comprehensive survey the investment environment, the investigation eventually concluded that: Youngpoong source in Shenzhen the rise and development is not accidental, the near future, Shenzhen, China will undoubtedly become a world leader in ceramic industrial innovation, the development of the city, “they are ceramic cultural industries in the rapid development of Shenzhen as a deterrent.”