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Lotte base located in Jingdezhen in Jingdezhen City Ceramic porcelain sculpture

By Ceramic Design

Sky blue, spring boil noodles. May 1, Lotte Jingdezhen in Jingdezhen City Ceramic base porcelain sculpture was officially established. Master of arts and crafts of China Liu long porcelain in Jingdezhen City Council, porcelain sculpture, pottery Lotte and other relevant agency heads to attend the inaugural ceremony. Liu announced the establishment of ceramic base and at the same time opening the third market Lotte creative.

Lotte sculpture ceramics in Jingdezhen porcelain base is located in the back door, is a studio with offices and speak to one large space LOFT style. “51″ period, the base will be the site for pottery pottery patterns show fans, decorative ceramics, glaze painting, blue, handmade pottery, traditional hand-made brush, bamboo, etc., can also experience the casting, Green flowers and clay figurines. Let the side of pottery can learn to master Jingdezhen ceramics production techniques, the side of Topsy Jingdezhen this “Ceramic History”, to share the fun of ceramics bring.

Lotte’s creativity in the market in the third that the 120 stalls of creative works to the three-meter-large, small fingernails, there are fashion or nostalgia, and daily or leisure, plane or space, there are worn on the body Ceramic necklace, earrings, vases of practical devices, it hung on the wall porcelain pottery, lamps, ornaments and so on are purely decorative, silver, everything is very fine. In particular vegetables covered with bamboo accessories cover, filled with decorative ornaments five bean frame, it is attracting tourists and Taobao’s eye, and even there are many foreign tourists come to visit, browse.

According to Lotte Tao agency responsible person to open up the creative market is young potters hope to provide students with a small stage, to encourage them to not only the freedom to create ceramic art, but also intervene in the market as soon as possible, the combination of creativity and the market, the creation and re-writing the continuation of operations in practice possible. At the same time, the opening of innovative small market can also Jingdezhen ceramics culture brought about by the development of the vitality and creativity of young people active in the cultural atmosphere of the Millennium porcelain to bring fresh supplies and energy. To establish a base for ceramic art ceramics and the vast majority of those who love ceramics, pottery making and to provide to appreciate the art of pottery making the exchange of space, to “Lotte stage, singing the public art, art exchange, together with promoting” the promotion of ceramic culture.