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Jingdezhen Int’l Ceramics Fair charms visitors

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China Jingdezhen Int’l Ceramics Fair 2011 has opened in the porcelain harbor of Jingdezhen, in the Eastern China’s Jiangxi province.

China Jingdezhen Int’l Ceramics Fair 2011 has opened in the porcelain harbor of Jingdezhen, in the Eastern China’s Jiangxi province.



Jingdezhen ceramics design company opened the first professional

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May 29, is located in Jingdezhen City, Tao Yuan Fan Sheng Jingyu opposite the old campus was founded ceramic design. The focus in Ceramics design enterprises to the city’s first appearance in the national identity is also an unusual debut, filling gaps in professional ceramic design company, domestic ceramics industry to promote the development, promotion of higher education Ceramic Design The combination of ceramic production and provided technical support and human resources guarantee. City leaders and other distinguished guests and many Huangkang Ming ceramics industry attend.

Cheng, chairman of the company’s long hair told reporters on the current status of the ceramic industry as a whole look, pay attention to brand building, design-driven ceramic enterprises are rare. Many companies need to design talent, but less importance to explore and develop design talent, more reluctant to pay more for outstanding design talents costs, and the products cause serious homogenization phenomenon not ? long-term development of the Xing Ye. In this context the company came into being, efforts to promote industrial upgrading and leap-forward development, Jingdezhen ceramics industry bigger and stronger and make due contributions.



Glazed Ceramic Planter

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Item name: Ceramic planter
Item No: Sc-1797
Material: Ceramic
Sample available.
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Lotte base located in Jingdezhen in Jingdezhen City Ceramic porcelain sculpture

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Sky blue, spring boil noodles. May 1, Lotte Jingdezhen in Jingdezhen City Ceramic base porcelain sculpture was officially established. Master of arts and crafts of China Liu long porcelain in Jingdezhen City Council, porcelain sculpture, pottery Lotte and other relevant agency heads to attend the inaugural ceremony. Liu announced the establishment of ceramic base and at the same time opening the third market Lotte creative.

Lotte sculpture ceramics in Jingdezhen porcelain base is located in the back door, is a studio with offices and speak to one large space LOFT style. “51″ period, the base will be the site for pottery pottery patterns show fans, decorative ceramics, glaze painting, blue, handmade pottery, traditional hand-made brush, bamboo, etc., can also experience the casting, Green flowers and clay figurines. Let the side of pottery can learn to master Jingdezhen ceramics production techniques, the side of Topsy Jingdezhen this “Ceramic History”, to share the fun of ceramics bring.

Lotte’s creativity in the market in the third that the 120 stalls of creative works to the three-meter-large, small fingernails, there are fashion or nostalgia, and daily or leisure, plane or space, there are worn on the body Ceramic necklace, earrings, vases of practical devices, it hung on the wall porcelain pottery, lamps, ornaments and so on are purely decorative, silver, everything is very fine. In particular vegetables covered with bamboo accessories cover, filled with decorative ornaments five bean frame, it is attracting tourists and Taobao’s eye, and even there are many foreign tourists come to visit, browse.

According to Lotte Tao agency responsible person to open up the creative market is young potters hope to provide students with a small stage, to encourage them to not only the freedom to create ceramic art, but also intervene in the market as soon as possible, the combination of creativity and the market, the creation and re-writing the continuation of operations in practice possible. At the same time, the opening of innovative small market can also Jingdezhen ceramics culture brought about by the development of the vitality and creativity of young people active in the cultural atmosphere of the Millennium porcelain to bring fresh supplies and energy. To establish a base for ceramic art ceramics and the vast majority of those who love ceramics, pottery making and to provide to appreciate the art of pottery making the exchange of space, to “Lotte stage, singing the public art, art exchange, together with promoting” the promotion of ceramic culture.



Jingdezhen porcelain traditionally HKADC modern sensation in Hong Kong

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Jingdezhen porcelain traditionally HKADC modern sensation in Hong Kong

From the University of Hong Kong Museum of Art and co-sponsored Jingdezhen City Department of Cultural Affairs, “Jiang Kiln” Paul Jiang Qing, founder of the contractor’s “One to review the past to the new – the modern tradition of Jingdezhen Ceramic Art Exhibition” in April from the Museum of Fine Arts at the University of Hong Kong has been carried out, visits to the people of Hong Kong and foreigners flocked to the visitors a fresh, exciting feel. In Hong Kong to attend the Jiangxi Province in 2009 (Hong Kong) Week, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress, Sau Ming, vice mayor in high spirits to visit the exhibition.

A total of 135 sets of modern works of traditional pottery exhibition. These works have not only carrying forward the tradition of innovation, not only as antique porcelain, but also different from the general sense of the antique porcelain, the court through traditional painting and a combination of three-dimensional objects, into the modern aesthetic elements into “the cleverest learned new” expression of a new, fully demonstrates the breadth and depth of Jingdezhen, the south-pointing carriage, full of vitality and creativity of the ceramic culture. The exhibition also displayed the painting tools and more than 40 kinds of paints. These exhibits have been to the Russian State Tretyakov Museum and Art Gallery, Bahrain National Museum, Liu Haisu Shanghai Art Museum, Dalian is Chuan Museum, Museum of Jiangxi Province, one in each, are caused by an unusual reaction with wood. The exhibition in Hong Kong has been on display in July of this year.




Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute Open for International Applicants Online

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 Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute has opened to international applicants on China’s largest online admission platform: CHIWEST  this week. To go in line with MOE’s guideline-“China education towards the world”, more than 95 universities have joined in Chiwest online application system and opened to the overseas applicants from all over the world. The applicants can apply online through the new platform and enjoy the convenience of one-stop services and real-time application online tracking system.



online admission platform: CHIWEST
  Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute

  Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, China’s only institutions of higher ceramic learning, was founded in 1958 in a Millennium Town Jingdezhen.  It is one of the thirty-one national universities which has the authority to offer art bachelor degrees and is one of the ninety-four universities that has the authority to offer Chinese Government scholarship to international masters and bachelors.  Nowadays, the institute consists of eleven sub-ordinary schools and departments: School of Material Science and Engineering, School of Art & Design, School of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, School of Business Administration, School of Information Engineering, Department of Thermal Engineering, Department of Foreign Language, Department of Social Science and Physical Education Department, adult education school and a sub-institute — Science & Technology and Art Institute.  At present, the institute has 32 undergraduate programs, 23 postgraduate programs. The institute focuses on regular college courses, and it’s entitled to master degrees, high professional education and international students’ education.


  The institute is a professional, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary higher education institute for ceramics, devoting mainly in ceramic science as well as science, liberal arts, business administration, economics, natural science, education and law.  The institute is now well-known in the national and international ceramic, natural science, the national and international ceramic area as important teaching, researching and culture exchanging base in the ceramic art design and ceramic engineering area.

  The institute always attaches great importance to international exchange and co-operations, and has established friendly cooperation relationship with over twenty colleges in U.S.A, French, Japan, South Korea, England, Canada, Finland, Norway and many professional associations such as IAC, ECS, NECECA, ACS, JCS, KCS,. And it had already enrolled more than thousand international students from Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa since 1958 when the institute was established.

  Through the convenient online application service offered by CHIWEST, the institute is expecting to provide a hassle free application service and pass this precious heritage to everyone around the world.



National Treasure: Jingdezhen Ceramics

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 National Treasure: Jingdezhen Ceramics、

National Treasure: Jingdezhen Ceramics

Jingdezhen Ceramics Museum remains the most renowned cultural tourist attraction in the city. 

Opening in 1954, the Jingdezhen Ceramics Museum became the first institution of its kind in China and today it remains perhaps the most renowned cultural tourist attraction in Jingdezhen, a city known as the Capital of Porcelain.

The museum houses a great variety of historic pottery and porcelain exhibits. Most pieces were fired in governmental kilns during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911). Also featured are artworks from the Republic of China period (1912-1949) and masterpieces produced by renowned ceramists of modern times. The museum has become a window to a cultured past spanning 1,000 years of Jingdezhen’s ceramic civilization.

The collection includes rare porcelain wares from the Song (960-1276), Yuan (1271-1368), Ming (1368-1644), and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties, many of which are considered national treasures. And the exhibit surpasses all other museums in its holding of ceramic masterpieces created in the past 100 years.

The total collection is comprised of more than 13 categories and 250 subcategories of ceramics, spanning more than 2,000 shapes and more than 10,000 patterns.

Housed here are 378 pieces that have won international, national, or ministerial gold and silver prizes with four having won the National Prize for New Product Development. Exhibits also include many porcelain wares that were presented as state gifts in times past, as well as noted porcelain wares from Germany, Britain, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

For decades the museum has cultivated talented artisans of the ceramic craft. Today there are four: Ning Qinzheng, vice curator of the museum and a master of art and craft in Jiangxi Province; Cao Ganyuan, academic supervisor of the museum and chairman of the Jingdezhen Calligraphers’ Association; Chen Jun, curator assistant of the museum and a senior specialist in art and craft; and Sun Lixin, a senior specialist in arts and crafts born into a family of ceramists and now acting as director of the Jingdezhen Wenbo Art Exchange Center. Many of their pieces have garnered domestic and international awards and are popular among collectors both in China and overseas.

Winning wide praise both home and abroad, in recent years cultural relics and artworks from the Jingdezhen Ceramics Museum have appeared at many exhibitions in France, Japan, Macao and Hong Kong. The year 2004 marked the millennium anniversary of Jingdezhen and in 2003, the Chinese Culture Center set up in Paris by the Ministry of Culture of China held “Burning Brilliance”¡ªThe Exhibition of Ancient Porcelain Masterpieces of Jingdezhen. French President Jacques Chirac personally wrote to the center and visited the exhibition. “As the essence of Chinese culture, porcelain spreads the fame of Chinese culture around the world, especially in Europe,” he said.

The ceramic exhibition and other featured mediums reflecting Chinese heritage at the Chinese Culture Year in France proved a strong draw for the French public. The exhibition, with only 60 pieces displayed, attracted more than 10,000 visitors and all exhibits were heavily attended.

Jingdezhen’s porcelain artworks have generated interest and participation within the international culture of ceramics. For instance, the ceramic industry of France has developed a close relationship with that of Jingdezhen.

From the Ming Dynasty to the middle Qing Dynasty, a large quantity of porcelain wares made in Japan were modeled after those made of Jingdezhen, which had already been widely traded and collected across the globe. Since the Ming Dynasty, countless Jingdezhen porcelains were transported by Portuguese traders to Europe via Macao. Over the past 100 years in Hong Kong, an international metropolis known by some as the Capital of Art Collections, there have emerged a number of collectors who revel in Jingdezhen porcelains.

The French newspaper, Le Figaro, in praise of the Exhibition of Ancient Porcelain Masterpieces of Jingdezhen, described its cultural wares as: “Resplendent white gold, beautiful Chinese porcelain.” These are the particular jewels of the Jingdezhen Ceramics Museum, a palace of art depicting a city’s 1,000-year-old ceramic civilization.

Background information:

A world-famous brand, since the 15th Century Jingdezhen has enjoyed great reputation within the ceramic industry, whereas genuine porcelain was not produced in Europe until the 18th Century. Under the influence of Jingdezhen ceramics, the industry began to truly develop in Europe in the 19th Century. From the late Ming Dynasty through the early Qing Dynasty, chinaware – with Jingdezhen as synonym – sold well in Europe and around the world. Known in some regions as white gold, porcelain wares were popular with families of both aristocratic and common background. Noblemen in Europe and Japan were proud of their collections of Jingdezhen ceramics and shipping companies gained great wealth by trading Jingdezhen ceramics. (Thus the derivation of the label China in Europe.)



Jingdezhen porcelain manual transmission skills base to protect the opening

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Jingdezhen porcelain manual transmission skills base to protect the opening
The morning of July 4, Jingdezhen porcelain hand the protection of heritage skills base and skills of Jingdezhen porcelain representation of the traditional heritage of people in the Demo Center ceremony held Ceramics Expo history, the town of Kiln maintenance works at the same time also held a groundbreaking ceremony. Municipal Standing Committee, Vice-chief Lu Zhengda City, City Hall and the city Department of Cultural Affairs of the leadership and the first batch of 10-bit representation of the old skills of traditional porcelain artists participated in the opening ceremony. Unveiled, such as Lu Chia.

Jingdezhen porcelain is both Chinese and foreign well-known, the Millennium kiln fire porcelain left a superb artistry, creating a large number of porcelain with a rich tradition of ceramic production skills of workers, “Jingdezhen porcelain hand skills” and other projects have been included in the respective countries, provincial, municipal list of intangible cultural heritage protection. Provincial and municipal leadership attaches great importance to the traditional porcelain artists old and traditional art heritage protection work, in September last year, Jingdezhen Municipal People’s Government issued the “traditional porcelain in Jingdezhen City heritage skills were identified with the representation of Interim Measures for the Administration”, through established procedures to assess the city have had a tradition of the first batch of 10 porcelain arts veteran representative to promote the city of ceramics of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection of heritage, and achieved gratifying results.

Expo area porcelain history of the town to retain the traditional kilns and workshops, bringing together a large number of old porcelain artist, is the largest city of the 4A level scenic areas, hand-built porcelain heritage skills base and the protection of traditional Jingdezhen porcelain representation skills Demo Center inheritance were fully explore the use of cultural resources, protection of cultural heritage in our city to promote a strong tradition of work initiatives. To the “base” and “Center” building, is of great significance and far-reaching consequences. The town of 300 tam kiln is a city the size of firewood kiln remains only to protect the kiln room building will be the furnace, “such as repair of old old”, while maintaining the protection of productive ways to protect the kiln built heritage, traditional skills kiln , and its practical significance and far-reaching impact of the ceramic to porcelain heritage cultural heritage and continuously push forward the work.



Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute or the University changed its name to ceramics

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A few days ago, Jiangxi University study group of experts set up his 8 visit Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, the University of the hospital changed its name to the work of ceramic preliminary inspection, assessment and verification. Group of Experts on the provincial education department headed thunder Song, deputy inspector, head of the supervision of the Commissioner for the Nanchang Institute of Technology, party secretary and former deputy director of the Board of Education of Jiangxi Province, Nanchang University, Professor Zhou members from Jiangxi Agricultural University, vice president of the Hua-Lin Wang, Nanchang Vice Chancellor of the University Aviation dawn, Gannan Medical College Ringbom Huang, Tung Wah Group of Hong Kong Polytechnic University Civil and Environmental Engineering, Dean Liu Jinhui composition.

Expert missions in the briefing, the Jingdezhen Municipal Standing Committee, vice mayor, said Lin Hua, Jingdezhen municipal party committee and government will give full support to the work of ceramic Institute changed its name. Dean made a good week, entitled “rooted in trade, services of local, influential both at home and abroad to build multidisciplinary university ceramics” reporting, a detailed report to the Group of Experts on the ceramics and construction of the hospital was renamed the University of significance, demonstrated that the renamed the University of the necessity and feasibility of the idea of building the University of ceramic and measures. During the inspection, members of the Group, respectively, the national daily and architectural ceramics Engineering Research Center, the International Ceramic Center, the hospital is a Ceramic Research Institute, Experimental Center for Ceramic Art, chemical laboratory, a library, hospital, etc. History has been inspected. Went to learn more about both teaching and research, and listen to the relevant report.

The afternoon of June 1, the Group held a feedback will be inspected on hospital reform and development in recent years achieved remarkable results, as well as the work done around the renamed fully affirmed. That distinctive characteristics, a great influence at home and abroad, teaching strict management and the quality of teaching high-quality, high standard of teaching. Experts on the current problems and a lack of sound advice and recommendations. Xiao Ren-Xian Institute of party secretary of missions, thanks to experts here, the experts stressed that the views and suggestions on the future development of long-term significance. The hospital will be renamed as an opportunity to apply for, and strive to build both at home and abroad, the influence of the characteristics of schools.



Jingdezhen Ceramic read up the development of market trends

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Recently, the city of Jingdezhen Porcelain Bureau released 1-6 months in 2009 the city’s major economic data ceramic industry. Ceramic industrial output value 5,020,000,000 yuan, 3.02 billion yuan year-on-year growth of 66.23 percent year-on-year; ceramic exports 85,926,000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 189.96 percent; Ceramic 1.02 billion yuan of investment in fixed assets, representing 30.77 percent increase over the same period last year; Ceramic 46,590,000 total tax revenue yuan, up 37.56 percent.

The face of the global spread of financial crisis, trade in China’s economy has shrunk dramatically background, Jingdezhen Ceramic why did not the impact of the weak by the market, but production and exports to create the best results? Jingdezhen Ceramic exports are up against the market trend of how to achieve? Growth of exports in what? As related to management, porcelain in Jingdezhen City Council made a specific work which propelled the development of the industry?

During the interview, the city of Jingdezhen porcelain Board agreed that relevant staff: “All have hit an all-time high of Jingdezhen ceramic industry, the hard-won.”

It is reported that the investment in Jingdezhen ceramics industry working as a revitalization of the city’s ceramics industry breakthrough. Delta in recent years, there have been, Franz, East Jing, evergreen, such as Taiwan-funded flight God and Zhejiang, Leroy set up the city, such as domestic enterprises, these enterprises are set up not only capital, but also bring new technologies and new management mechanism effectively promote the ceramic industrial restructuring, for the Jingdezhen ceramics industry bigger and stronger impetus.

It is understood that a ceramic floor to the beginning of the project is the economic effectiveness, it normally takes 2-3 years cycle. After a few years ago a lot of hard and fruitful work of the investment, the city’s ceramics industry sustainable development of the power savings, and now is gradually showing strong staying power, while increasing the resilience of the market on the magic ability to resist risks.

Investment in large enterprises located in Jingdezhen, the Jingdezhen Ceramic local private enterprises are competitive and learning by leaps and bounds in the development and growth. As the first half of 2008, the city-wide annual sales above five million yuan Total Ceramic 69-scale enterprises, to 77 in the second half to June 2009, the number increased to 101.

With the city’s ceramics industry bigger and stronger, the first half of 2009 to achieve export growth of 189.96 percent year-on-year, in addition to the national introduction of export tax rebates, tax incentives and other things, the size of ceramic enterprises in the city this year, growth in production and export of ceramic to achieve high growth provided sufficient conditions.

It is understood that the city’s export sales of ceramics to high-grade daily-use porcelain mainly concentrated in Europe and the United States market area. Daily-use porcelain major trade show, “Art of daily-use porcelain and artistic porcelain for daily use” features, beautifully designed, excellent quality, in the international market with a strong brand competitiveness. Ceramic products of excellent quality and good reputation, but also exports Jingdezhen Ceramic important reasons for continuing higher.

The city’s ceramics industry to obtain the investment performance, benefiting from the City party committee and government attach great importance at the same time, and porcelain in Jingdezhen City Council of this “gold service teams” are inseparable. Porcelain in Jingdezhen City Council, the investment projects have been established for each item linked to point of service accountability, personnel tracking, full-service, and effectively for the enterprise, the project to resolve the practical difficulties, in order to lift the worries of enterprise development, and then build up this team brand and credibility.

Reporter, that the first half of 2009 the city of Jingdezhen porcelain in investment projects and made progress in many new, Fujian Chinese businessmen to invest Menshov color printing packing items, ceramic items Menshov Chinese city have been settled, the Japanese love and Jingdezhen ceramics will also invest in the first half of the new contract this year 13 projects, of which 2 billion project, the contract total amount of 1.025 billion yuan, 2.2 million U.S. dollars of foreign capital, the actual domestic investments 827,700,000 yuan.

At the same time, the city of ceramic-related industries in the project also achieved new breakthroughs in the declaration. Porcelain in Jingdezhen City Ceramic enterprises has played an active role to help the country to declare the project, focusing on SME Innovation Fund to declare the country, the state’s key new products and Torch Program projects, national projects for the development of ceramic industry funds, the first half of a total of 58 ceramic items to declare.

Among them, Tonghui Electronics Co., Ltd. “shear modulus used in high-frequency resonant piezoelectric ceramic materials and components in the test” project with the Powder Technology Co., Ltd. and Kawasaki’s “Preparation of low-temperature pressure hydrolysis optical powders with nano-zirconia “project in the city of Technology Bureau and other relevant departments of the great assistance of the Ministry of Science and Technology were given the first batch of 2009 Innovation Fund for small and medium-sized 800,000 yuan and 70 million yuan to support; Jingdezhen City geological team,” the exploration of ceramic raw materials “and” goose Jian-Wei Town, china clay mining exploration “project by the Land and Resources Office at 11 million yuan and 210 million; owned factory in Jingdezhen city of the founding of the” Ceramic Industrial Design Service Platform “project with the pottery village of Sambo’s” creative services platform Ceramic Art “project by the National Development and Reform Commission at 1.2 million yuan and 150 million; Jingdezhen Ceramics Co., Ltd. Wang Lung’s “traditional features exquisite ceramic ware production line transformation” project commissioned by the State Public Works letter dated 4.32 million yuan of special funds.

At present, in order to speed up the implementation of brand strategy ceramics, porcelain in Jingdezhen City Council is active in the declaration registered “ Emperor Factory” trademark, certification mark the four traditional porcelains, this new “South-chang” in Jiangxi province, such as 6, a registered trademark of the work of also speed up the on-going.

At present, the city has 60 ceramic ceramic products business has its own registered trademark, there are 21 “China Well-known Trademark”, “Chinese famous brand”, “Jiangxi brand name”, “famous” trademarks and other brands.

Designed to cultivate the market for ceramics, ceramics for daily use to increase the city’s industrial competitiveness, Jingdezhen City Ceramic Board also actively guide companies to set up conditional ceramic design companies, to enhance product design and innovation capabilities. At the same time, actively explore the establishment and integration of online marketing platform to build online sales platform for the city’s ceramics, ceramic production enterprise for the city to open up new sales channels. To build a logistics base, and improve support to enhance the competitiveness of industry.