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Italian Marble Flooring

By Ceramic Design


Flooring plays one of the vital roles in decorating home and matching the theme of your living room, bedroom and other rooms. Most of them ignore this and focus on every other detail in the room. Flooring is a part of beautiful room and you need to choose them wise.

The marble stone that is quarried in Italy known as Italian Marble. CORRARA is a place in Italy, known as marble and granite capital of the world. Marble is made from metamorphic rock formation of sedimentary carbonate rocks, distinguished by veins of various minerals deposits, such as quartz, clay, iron oxides, sand and silt and other sediments from the metamorphism of limestone. The materials are naturally fused together under intense pressure to create marble, producing one-of-kind patterns of swirls in a range of colors and hues from whites and creams to reds, grays, pinks, blues and greens. Marble is natural stone used in structures for centuries not only for art work and architecture but also for their durability, longevity and performance. Marble is quite impressive, dramatic visual attractiveness and instant elegance. Marble is extensively used for sculpture, as building material in interior and exterior design and in many other applications. The word “Marble” is colloquially used to refer the stones that are capable of taking polish. Italian marble for structural purpose is considered the material of choice for the elite. Most of the Italian marble slabs are resin impregnated.


Marble stone have remarkable beauty and infect this stone is great to gaze upon. The smoothness of marble is so remarkable that many famous sculptures have been formed from this magnificent stone. When it comes to use these stones for interior design ideas, there are virtually limit less possibilities. Now a days people like to use marble stones in their kitchens, counter tops, dinning tables. Some people beautify a wall with marble stone. Bathroom is also beautifying by using this beautiful stone. In addition to marble stone is used on columns, tile, bathtubs, windows sills and fireplace mantels. This will add elegance and sophistication in to your home. The possibilities that can be achieved by using this stone is virtually limitless and will be great addition to homes.  Read more »