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Egg Pot – Jade

By Ceramic Design

This style is a basic egg shaped pot.  They look great sitting on a patio table, fence ledge or nested in the grass and filled with spring flowers.  Available in five generous sizes that really compliment each other when placed as a set.


Imported from South China, these ceramic pieces of pottery are made from white bisque instead of clay.  Having this kind of a base to start with gives this piece an advantage when it comes to colorful and vibrant glazes.  Each one is considered high quality yet traditional.  Some of the finishes like the Copper and Bronze have great shine and sparkle.  Our Jade and Oxblood red are traditional glazes with a lovely crackle finish.  Of course we would not be stating the obvious if we didn’t point out the new tri color glazing called “Fire and Ice”.  All pots are high fired, waterproof and come with a drain hole.  The styles are classic and unique.