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Celadon Vase with Bowstring Patterns and Tube-shaped Ears, Longquan Ware

By Ceramic Design Ideas

Celadon Vase with Bowstring Patterns and Tube-shaped Ears, Longquan Ware


Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279)

Longquan kiln is located in Longquan, Zhejiang province The vase was designed after a bronze pot of ancient times. With archaic and elegant style, it is a masterpiece of Longquan celadon wares.



Ceramic Tile Decorating Ideas

By Ceramic Design

  • Ceramic tiles are tiles made from clay that has been fired, similar to pottery. Typically ceramic tiles also include a glaze and are made into nearly any color. The tile is most commonly used in places like kitchens and bathrooms. When homeowners choose to create their own ceramic tile design, they have a choice between different colors, sizes and styles.

Plan Colors

  • Because ceramic tiles can come in such an array of shades, homeowners have the freedom to choose between many different colors. The options can overwhelm some homeowners, but it is necessary to remember that colors should always follow style. If homeowners want a cheering kitchen, they should focus on pale fruit colors. A Tuscan kitchen lean more toward ambers and golds, while striking modern designs are made using both very dark and very light tile.

Create Murals and Mosaics

  • Murals and mosaics are some of the most common tile decorations. A mural is actually painted on a set of tiles, while a mosaic is made of many small tiles placed together. These are very useful for decoration, but only use them in areas where there are no other patterns or pictures to distract from the tile work itself.

Use Accent Tiles

  • Accent tiles are special tiles designed to place along borders or in the center of tile arrangements. Most accent tiles are glass or mirror tiles, which can create useful effects, especially in areas like bathrooms. Homeowners should not overuse accent tiles but limit them to patterns using many more muted tiles.

Intersperse Tile With Other Materials

  • One modern fashion uses ceramic tiles but installs them in the midst of other materials. A floor might consist of a dozen large ceramic tiles installed into squares cut out in wood planks, using the tiles as accent marks. Tile are installed in other mediums like concrete too, which is one of the most expensive options but can create a striking effect.

Lay Tile in Unexpected Areas

  • Homeowners can cut many types of tile cut and fit it into unexpected areas, creating an unusual style that works well if homeowners want to add individual touches to their homes. Homeowners can tile cabinets in between doors, the sides of bar areas, the walls or entryways and other areas where tile is not often used but makes an area more resistant to spills and scuffs.



Ceramic jar

By Ceramic Design

Size: 10.5 ” 27X27X22CM

Decription: Ceramic jar; Ceramic reactive glaze jar with lid
Porcelain jar; Porcelain reactive glaze jar with lid
Decorative ceramic jar with lid
Bubble on the surface
For home decoration; Ceramic material
Good price, good control quality
Color should be changed as your specification
We can design as customer’s request

Ceramic jar

PACKING: 2 sets/ CTN
General packing ( inner box with 3-ply paper, master carton with 5 -ply paper, not including the styrofoam )
Safe packing ( inner & master carton with 5-ply paper, including the styrofoam, the thickness of styrofoam as per your request of drop test)
Color Box is available
PVC box is available



Decorative Ceramic Vase

By Ceramic Design

Size: L 18″ 16 X 9 X 45.5
S 15″ 14.5 X 7.3 X37.5

Decription: Ceramic Vase; Decorative Ceramic Vase
Porcelain Vase; Decorative porcelain Vase
Ceramic Flower Vases, Ceramic vases with glaze antique finish
Ribbon on the surface
For home decor; Ceramic material;
Good price, good control quality
Color should be changed as your specification
We can design as customer’s request
General packing ( inner box with 3-ply paper, master carton with 5 -ply paper, not including the styrofoam )
Safe packing ( inner & master carton with 5-ply paper, including the styrofoam, the thickness of styrofoam as per your request of drop test)
Color Box is available
PVC box is available

Decorative Ceramic Vase

Payment Terms:
T/T (30%deposit)
Minimum Order:
500 Pieces

Delivery Details:
FOB Port:
Lead Time:
45 – 55 days



Ceramic crisis countries in the world’s a mixed reaction to

By Ceramic Design

The 16th World Ceramic Forum held recently in China Taiwan to participate in the forum are China (including Taiwan), Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Japan, the United States and other ceramic tile producers, representatives of almost occupied Ceramic production in the world as a whole 80% of the share. Delegates to explore the theme of the Forum include the world’s consumption and production and consumption trends, the impact of financial crisis for the ceramics industry.
In 2008, the world’s ceramic tile production rose to 8.5 billion square meters, annual production is expected to 2009, and 2008 unchanged. Ceramic tile consumption in the Asian region to maintain a good upward trend, while Europe, Japan and the United States of these the world’s top 10 economies from 2008 began a gradual downward trend in consumption of ceramic tiles. As the impact of financial crisis, this year declines in sales of ceramic tile in some countries as much as 20% ~ 50%. So far, China, Brazil, Italy and Spain have always dominated the world’s ceramic tile production in the first few big countries. Representatives of other countries and regions as well as data reporting point of view, the situation in China a single good, Italy, Spain, more powerful industry hit the United States is full of future market expectations.


China is entering the recovery status of the whole industry
Forum Chinese government increased domestic demand and China’s vast rural market pull, the Chinese construction industry in a crisis for the nation’s adjustment and upgrading, the annual output of more than 6 billion square meters, exports only 670 million square meters, 88% of the domestic market, imports market share of 0.06%, the product price has risen too.
Product structure, the ceramic tile 64%, interior glazed tiles 25, 7% of stoneware tiles, stoneware and fine stoneware tiles 4%, the low-end products accounted for more than 80%; first half of 2009, the whole industry into the “revival” state, national industrial transfer and distribution once again started; decline in exports and domestic sales increase; production costs decreased, corporate profits fell in the morning and synchronization; the whole industry, basically through the most difficult times in March and gradually into the recovery phase began.
Of energy, industry, annual consumption of about 150 million tons of mineral raw materials, basic local materials, the Chinese government energy-saving emission reduction policies and export taxes reduced to 8% of the policies to help Chinese enterprises to ride out the storm played a role, the Chinese government promulgated a series of environmental policy, so that China Building Ceramic Industry more concerned about environmental and social responsibility.

India is projected 7% growth in the
While India affected by economic crisis, 24% of the factories to stop the kiln, the number of unemployed reached 40000, but has maintained GDP growth of India, India housing industries and pillar industries, IT has continued to maintain growth, future The Government plans to increase by about 2,000 million units of housing construction. Ceramic tile production increased by 20% last year to reach 390 million square meters. At present, India’s per capita consumption of ceramic tiles from 0.36 square meters, there is still much room for development. Marketing point of view, yield 70% reliance on the domestic market. In the output of which accounted for 43% of tiles and other floor tiles accounted for 40 percent and imports 2,450 million square meters, export 1,400 million square meters. 2008 sales of view, the international market increased by 11%, imports increased 24%. This year, the domestic market is estimated that 7% growth.

German sales profits encountered unprecedented difficulties
On the whole German tile production is shrinking year by year, last year remained at 6,500 million square meters. In 2009 has dropped by 17 ~ 20%, sales profits were encountered unprecedented difficulties.

Italy is expected to reach 22 percent decline in output this year
Over the past two years by the Italian Federation of the continuous integration into the ceramics related to many of the chapters have joined together to form a more powerful system for face-degree ceramic industry economic crisis. In respect of the current domestic form, is expected to Italy this year, production decreased by about 22% to reduce the roughly 4,000 million square meters, sales are expected to decline to about 18% of approximately equivalent to 4 billion euros. In terms of investment decreased 8% to about 7,500 million euros, but the contrast from the turnover and sales terms, the investment rate was maintained at a proportion of the past. Probably accounted for about 15% of sales. From overseas exports, the Italian or to maintain the highest average price, with an average of 10 euros per square meter of ceramic tiles, while ranking second in Spain is 8 euros, while the output of superpower China 4 euros. From the demand perspective, the Italian market fundamentals remain unchanged, because the Italian people would prefer to use ceramic products.

Spanish ceramic tile industry output will decline every year 2009 is expected to be even more severe situation, the situation is even worse than in 2008. Spanish industry is now facing a double crisis: the financial crisis and the Spanish real estate market surplus. At present, the ceramic tile industry, the number of unemployed persons is probably around 8,000, the output will decrease under the 2009 and 2007 to do more, the output decreased by 55%, sales decreased by 37%. Apparent decline in domestic demand due to the market, imports also declined. As the impact of financial crisis, exports were restricted, while the exchange rate issue also affected the export sector.

Indonesia’s exports in recent years, the domestic political situation in Indonesia is very
economy has stabilized, the cabinet selection completed this year. Brick’s production of 3.5 million square meters, there are 250 million daily-use porcelain, sanitary ware 4.5 million, the entire output value 800 million U.S. dollars. Main export countries are the United States, Australia and Europe, these three countries. However, due to the economic crisis, which three countries are both affected by more serious, neighboring countries, an annual output of 1,900 million square meters, Malaysia, Thailand, 6,300 million square meters, Vietnam and Indonesia, has remained flat, so not very recent years, the export boom.

Brazil had to rely on the domestic market
from the Brazilian point of view, a decrease of 8 percent of employees, production, a decrease of 11%. Brazil’s domestic market demand increased by 7%, 13% reduction in overseas markets. Brazil’s main export countries are the United States ceramic tile, but sales fell 63% last year, while exports to Latin American countries such as the products also reduced a lot. Imports increased by 23%, and in this 23%, almost all imports come from Chinese products. 3.9 square meters per capita consumption of ceramic tiles, the ceramic industry from the Brazilian point of view, or to rely on the domestic market.

The United States has gone through the most difficult times
The U.S. market has been the most difficult times, from the first half of 2009 data, the tile consumption of 650 million square feet, and only half of the same period in 2008, and now is picking up. Now the housing market began to rebound in October compared with second-hand housing ring up 10.1%, sales of 6.1 million units, real estate, generally as a leading indicator of building materials, from this point of view, is more optimistic about the future market. The U.S. market mainly depend on imports. From the global production trends, to 07-08 from all major producing countries, the changes in ceramic tile or less is expected in 2009 will continue in 2008 the situation will not have too many changes. Over the past year, in terms of the global ceramic tile industry is the most difficult one, even though production on the rise, but the profits of an enterprise is on the decline, in addition to China, Brazil, Vietnam and a few other domestic sales growth, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, the United States, tile sharp decline in consumption, and will have an impact on the future.



porcelain 4pcs kids set

By Ceramic Design


Composition of porcelain 4pcs kids set :
Egg cup:5*6.7*4.7

Packing: COLOR BOX
Unit Price/Payment: FOB SHENZHEN
Origin: made in china
Min. Order: 2000 SETS
Transportation: BY SEA
Usage: Daily Use
Material: Porcelain
Export Markets: North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe



Ceramic Flower Pots

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Item name: Ceramic pot
Item No: Sc-4599
Material: Ceramic
Sample available

Packing: Carton
Model NO.: SC-4599
HS Code: 69099000
Trademark: A-oneone
Origin: China



Guangdong ceramic exports in March increased 28.6 percent year-on-year

By Ceramic Design

Foshan City news in an interview that Exit Inspection and Quarantine, Guangdong ceramic March exports to reverse the first two months of decline, with exports amounting to 280 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 28.6%. Foshan Comprehensive Exit Inspection and Quarantine, Inspection and Quarantine Technical Center marketing director, told reporters Liu Yamin, 1,2 month and Foshan in the Middle East, ASEAN, the European Union, Latin America, the United States the value of domestic exports fell across the board compared to the situation in March has been greatly changed. It is worth noting that, according to Customs statistics, in the first quarter of this year, Guangdong ceramics markets in Africa and the Middle East made a major breakthrough in exports to Africa and the United Arab Emirates was the rapid growth. These two markets reached 59.58 million U.S. dollars and 51.65 million U.S. dollars, increased by 42.9% and 55.1%.

Products in the export structure, said Liu Yamin, Foshan Ceramics exports to the construction of ceramic-based, the vast majority of products for the tile, of which about 6 become glazed brick, glazed brick 4 become. Most of the African market in order to wear-resistant bricks, tiles mainly tiles glazed wall tiles are mainly small specifications, Europe and the United States is still mainly in high-grade. Bathroom ceramic exports declining trend, exports of high-performance technical ceramics have greater growth than previously, but the high-performance technical ceramics in Foshan ceramics industry in the proportion of the whole is not great. A number of mainland enterprises, the cost of production is relatively low, to low-cost low-end part of the market occupied. Enterprise vicious competition leads to decrease in profits, while many companies do not have their own brands, but to rely on OEM to maintain the normal operation of the factory. Therefore, the experts propose to increase the access threshold for the ceramics industry, to do a good job to support big-scale enterprises to restrict the production of low-quality small businesses, low-priced exports behavior.

Followed by a period of time on the export situation, Liu Yamin that the current international financial crisis, the foreign real estate market downturn, new real estate projects to reduce, residents in areas such as housing renovation renovation also reduced consumer demand, the export volume of sanitary ceramic unlikely in the near future has changed significantly. He said: “It should be said that the ceramic industry is now entering a crucial period to re-shuffle of, enterprises should strengthen the research and development of new products, and strengthen brand building, and strictly control product quality in line with the customers and the requirements of the importing country laws and regulations, it is necessary to know the quality of the product production out, rather than testing out. ”

He suggested that the domestic ceramic enterprises to Italy, Spain and other enterprises to learn: “The power is also a ceramics after decades of hard work before the establishment of hegemony now, they are products, specifications, and cultural connotation of the brand and so on, there are their strength and image, we should learn from their experience, raise the level of exports, and export enterprises to build a good brand name products, and continuously improve the economic value of export products. if only to imitate, then always walk in other people’s the back. “In addition, the export enterprises to strengthen inspection and quarantine agencies and communication between the countries to understand the import laws and regulations, so that problems can be resolved in a timely manner. He said that the national construction of Health Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Foshan Ceramics Key Laboratory testing has a world-class testing equipment, the authority of professional and technical personnel, sanitary ceramics in the construction testing, certification can provide a full range of technical support.

Related Links: The April 17 “Dongguan Daily” reported that, according to customs statistics Whampoa, Guangdong Province, the first quarter of this year, export of all types of ceramic products worth 740 million U.S. dollars, an 7.1 percent increase over the same period last year. The first quarter of Guangdong ceramic export market for the first three followed by the European Union, ASEAN and the United States. The first quarter, export ceramics in Guangdong Province followed by the three major markets before the European Union, ASEAN and the United States, on the above three markets accounted for 42.1 percent of total exports. Of these, exports to the EU 140 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 9.4%; of ASEAN exports 97,690,000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 20.2%; exports to the United States 71,680,000 U.S. dollars, down 1.3%.



Chaozhou ceramics characteristics held to Shanghai Show

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Chaozhou ceramics characteristics held to Shanghai Show

Chow will be the first held in 2009 in Shanghai, Guangdong Chaozhou ceramics and specialty products trade fair, made a special trip to Shanghai and the Chaozhou Municipal Standing Committee of the Executive Vice Mayor Xu Fang said yesterday that the aim of expanding outreach to do domestic demand, capital growth, efforts to mitigate financial crisis the impact of foreign trade for enterprises to create a display of products, exchange information and promote trade cooperation platform for enterprises to promote their products to enhance the capacity of the domestic market.

Scheduled for this month from 11 to 14 in Shanghai Exhibition Center and features of Chaozhou Ceramics Fair, the Ministry of Commerce has been identified as 50 this year, “the expansion of consumption, innovative life” one of the focus of activities. Chaozhou more than 8000 square meters exhibition area, where nearly a hundred key enterprises at home will feature more than 7000 kinds of products, exhibits related to arts and crafts such as ceramics and other categories. Fair will be set to display, sell, trade negotiations, investment promotion activities in one auction.