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Instructions on How to Paint Ceramic Tile

By Ceramic Design

If you follow the instructions, you’ll enjoy years of life in your painted ceramic tile.

  1. Put on rubber gloves and cover any areas with a drop cloth near where you’ll be painting. Use painter’s tape to mask off the area and protect the surrounding walls.
  2. Repair any cracks or imperfections in the grout or tile. Allow the repair to dry for at least 48 hours before proceeding.
  3. Using a very fine grit sandpaper, sand the surfaces of the ceramic tile to break the gloss and allow the new coat of paint to stick. Take care to avoid pressing too hard. You don’t want to scratch into the tile.
  4. Wipe off all dry dust. Clean up the surrounding area.
  5. Even if it looks clean, clean the tile thoroughlywith a heavy-duty solution of TSP, also known as Trisodium Phosphate. Add ¼ to ½ cup of TSP with a gallon of water and mix well. Apply the solution to the area you’ll be painting with a sponge, starting at the bottom and working up. Let the solution sit on the tile surface for 1 to 2 minutes to remove the built-up soil, soap scum, or hard water deposits. Use a cleaning pad to scrub every area of the tile that’s to be painted.
  6. Rinse the surface several times and remove all residue of the TSP solution. Allow the tile to dry completely, then wipe with denatured alcohol to remove any little bit of dirt or residue that remains.
  7. Use a paint brush to cut the primer coat to the edges of the area, including around baseboards, cabinets, walls, ceilings, and appliances. Follow this procedure with both coats of thin primer and two coats of thin finish paint.
  8. Using the low-nap short roller, carefully apply one thin coat of primer, taking care not to push too hard on the roller. Roll the paint roller in all directions to avoid any edge marks and keep the surface smooth. Let the first primer coat dry thoroughly for several hours.
  9. Cut in around the edges with a paint brush and roll on the second thin primer coat.
  10. Let the second coat of primer dry overnight.
  11. If there are any noticeable paint lines on the surface, lightly sand to smooth the area. Wipe off all dust.
  12. Cut in the first coat of finish paint with a paint brush and apply a thin coat of finish paint with the roller. Let dry completely.
  13. Cut in the second coat of finish paint with a paint brush. Apply a second thin coat of finish paint with the roller. Let dry completely.
  14. If desired, paint the grout lines with a contrast paint and a small artist brush.
  15. To seal the newly painted ceramic tile surface, top coat with a fine quality urethane finish.
  16. Let dry about 2 weeks to achieve the hardest surface and allow the paint to dry and totally cure.

Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? If you follow the instructions, the surface can last for years.




The NMMU Ceramic Design

By Ceramic Design


The NMMU Ceramic Department offers outstanding facilities and a vibrant staff that are constantly involved with current trends and events. The department has a comprehensive Ceramic Design course and a Ceramic Fine Art component.


The Ceramic Design Course is geared to equip learners with the necessary techniques and information for starting their own business once they graduate. The course runs over 3 years, and covers clay hand building, slip casting, press moulding, plaster mould making, jiggering, transfer printing, throwing, glaze and kiln technology. At 3rd year level, learners are encouraged to experiment with their own concepts and to formulate new designs that may become the start of their signature range.

The course also touches on the business component of running a small ceramic studio. Learners are given instruction on costing wares, product evaluation, marketing and product design. Furthermore, learners are exposed to direct selling to the public through the department’s Red Earth Clay Project initiative, an “earn and learn” project, which facilitates an in-house gallery.


The Ceramic Fine Art component is primarily focused on the conceptual nature of the artwork. The instruction concentrates on the fabrication of the proposed pieces and their installation and purpose.



The world’s first full production of ceramic solar panels

By Ceramic Design

The afternoon of March 4, with the first block of freshly baked ceramic solar panels, solar panels, the world’s first full production of ceramics.

It is reported that this new type of ceramic solar panels than the traditional low-cost polycrystalline silicon solar energy more than 60% does not produce any waste pollutants, especially long service life; and profit is the traditional architectural ceramics by several times.

It is understood that China and Thailand in emerging solar ceramic tiles, was Kung urged materials in the Museum of Shanghai World Expo is the Expo Hall will be the only charge material items.



Ceramic crisis countries in the world’s a mixed reaction to

By Ceramic Design

The 16th World Ceramic Forum held recently in China Taiwan to participate in the forum are China (including Taiwan), Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Japan, the United States and other ceramic tile producers, representatives of almost occupied Ceramic production in the world as a whole 80% of the share. Delegates to explore the theme of the Forum include the world’s consumption and production and consumption trends, the impact of financial crisis for the ceramics industry.
In 2008, the world’s ceramic tile production rose to 8.5 billion square meters, annual production is expected to 2009, and 2008 unchanged. Ceramic tile consumption in the Asian region to maintain a good upward trend, while Europe, Japan and the United States of these the world’s top 10 economies from 2008 began a gradual downward trend in consumption of ceramic tiles. As the impact of financial crisis, this year declines in sales of ceramic tile in some countries as much as 20% ~ 50%. So far, China, Brazil, Italy and Spain have always dominated the world’s ceramic tile production in the first few big countries. Representatives of other countries and regions as well as data reporting point of view, the situation in China a single good, Italy, Spain, more powerful industry hit the United States is full of future market expectations.


China is entering the recovery status of the whole industry
Forum Chinese government increased domestic demand and China’s vast rural market pull, the Chinese construction industry in a crisis for the nation’s adjustment and upgrading, the annual output of more than 6 billion square meters, exports only 670 million square meters, 88% of the domestic market, imports market share of 0.06%, the product price has risen too.
Product structure, the ceramic tile 64%, interior glazed tiles 25, 7% of stoneware tiles, stoneware and fine stoneware tiles 4%, the low-end products accounted for more than 80%; first half of 2009, the whole industry into the “revival” state, national industrial transfer and distribution once again started; decline in exports and domestic sales increase; production costs decreased, corporate profits fell in the morning and synchronization; the whole industry, basically through the most difficult times in March and gradually into the recovery phase began.
Of energy, industry, annual consumption of about 150 million tons of mineral raw materials, basic local materials, the Chinese government energy-saving emission reduction policies and export taxes reduced to 8% of the policies to help Chinese enterprises to ride out the storm played a role, the Chinese government promulgated a series of environmental policy, so that China Building Ceramic Industry more concerned about environmental and social responsibility.

India is projected 7% growth in the
While India affected by economic crisis, 24% of the factories to stop the kiln, the number of unemployed reached 40000, but has maintained GDP growth of India, India housing industries and pillar industries, IT has continued to maintain growth, future The Government plans to increase by about 2,000 million units of housing construction. Ceramic tile production increased by 20% last year to reach 390 million square meters. At present, India’s per capita consumption of ceramic tiles from 0.36 square meters, there is still much room for development. Marketing point of view, yield 70% reliance on the domestic market. In the output of which accounted for 43% of tiles and other floor tiles accounted for 40 percent and imports 2,450 million square meters, export 1,400 million square meters. 2008 sales of view, the international market increased by 11%, imports increased 24%. This year, the domestic market is estimated that 7% growth.

German sales profits encountered unprecedented difficulties
On the whole German tile production is shrinking year by year, last year remained at 6,500 million square meters. In 2009 has dropped by 17 ~ 20%, sales profits were encountered unprecedented difficulties.

Italy is expected to reach 22 percent decline in output this year
Over the past two years by the Italian Federation of the continuous integration into the ceramics related to many of the chapters have joined together to form a more powerful system for face-degree ceramic industry economic crisis. In respect of the current domestic form, is expected to Italy this year, production decreased by about 22% to reduce the roughly 4,000 million square meters, sales are expected to decline to about 18% of approximately equivalent to 4 billion euros. In terms of investment decreased 8% to about 7,500 million euros, but the contrast from the turnover and sales terms, the investment rate was maintained at a proportion of the past. Probably accounted for about 15% of sales. From overseas exports, the Italian or to maintain the highest average price, with an average of 10 euros per square meter of ceramic tiles, while ranking second in Spain is 8 euros, while the output of superpower China 4 euros. From the demand perspective, the Italian market fundamentals remain unchanged, because the Italian people would prefer to use ceramic products.

Spanish ceramic tile industry output will decline every year 2009 is expected to be even more severe situation, the situation is even worse than in 2008. Spanish industry is now facing a double crisis: the financial crisis and the Spanish real estate market surplus. At present, the ceramic tile industry, the number of unemployed persons is probably around 8,000, the output will decrease under the 2009 and 2007 to do more, the output decreased by 55%, sales decreased by 37%. Apparent decline in domestic demand due to the market, imports also declined. As the impact of financial crisis, exports were restricted, while the exchange rate issue also affected the export sector.

Indonesia’s exports in recent years, the domestic political situation in Indonesia is very
economy has stabilized, the cabinet selection completed this year. Brick’s production of 3.5 million square meters, there are 250 million daily-use porcelain, sanitary ware 4.5 million, the entire output value 800 million U.S. dollars. Main export countries are the United States, Australia and Europe, these three countries. However, due to the economic crisis, which three countries are both affected by more serious, neighboring countries, an annual output of 1,900 million square meters, Malaysia, Thailand, 6,300 million square meters, Vietnam and Indonesia, has remained flat, so not very recent years, the export boom.

Brazil had to rely on the domestic market
from the Brazilian point of view, a decrease of 8 percent of employees, production, a decrease of 11%. Brazil’s domestic market demand increased by 7%, 13% reduction in overseas markets. Brazil’s main export countries are the United States ceramic tile, but sales fell 63% last year, while exports to Latin American countries such as the products also reduced a lot. Imports increased by 23%, and in this 23%, almost all imports come from Chinese products. 3.9 square meters per capita consumption of ceramic tiles, the ceramic industry from the Brazilian point of view, or to rely on the domestic market.

The United States has gone through the most difficult times
The U.S. market has been the most difficult times, from the first half of 2009 data, the tile consumption of 650 million square feet, and only half of the same period in 2008, and now is picking up. Now the housing market began to rebound in October compared with second-hand housing ring up 10.1%, sales of 6.1 million units, real estate, generally as a leading indicator of building materials, from this point of view, is more optimistic about the future market. The U.S. market mainly depend on imports. From the global production trends, to 07-08 from all major producing countries, the changes in ceramic tile or less is expected in 2009 will continue in 2008 the situation will not have too many changes. Over the past year, in terms of the global ceramic tile industry is the most difficult one, even though production on the rise, but the profits of an enterprise is on the decline, in addition to China, Brazil, Vietnam and a few other domestic sales growth, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, the United States, tile sharp decline in consumption, and will have an impact on the future.



Straits Chinese Arts & Crafts Fair in Jingdezhen potters wins six golds

By Ceramic Design

Straits Chinese Arts & Crafts Fair in Jingdezhen potters wins six golds

By the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, China Light Industry Federation and the Fujian Provincial Government jointly organized the fourth China (Putian) Channel Craft Fair held in Putian, Fujian, Jingdezhen City, organized by 13 ceramic artists of the exhibition and the exhibition forms, participated in the Expo. Jingdezhen Ceramic exquisite art, this fair has become a major bright spot. Works in Jingdezhen City, won a total of six gold, 10 silver.



China Jingdezhen hold 2009 International Ceramic Fair

By Ceramic Design

Introduction of 2009 China Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair

China Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair is a internationalized and specialized ceramic fair, which is sponsored by the Ministry of State Commerce, China National Light Industry Council, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government. It merges exquisite ceramic exhibition, ceramic cultural exchange and ceramic products trade as a whole.
The Fair has been successfully held for five times, it attracted total 910,000 visitors and purchasers and more than 20,000 distinguished guests and friends from 2,427 participant enterprises and 3,000 procurement companies from 49 countries and regions. The China Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair has already developed into a world ceramic event and international trading platform, which promoted the exchange and cooperation of the world ceramic in commerce, culture, skills and etc.
The 6th China Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair will be held from Oct. 18th to 22nd, 2009, in Jingdezhen China Ceramic Musenum including nine theme exhibition areas and offering 1480 standard booths for the high-tech achievements ceramics, the international ceramic art, international porcelain for daily-use, domestic brand name ceramics, ceramic packaging and auxiliary materials, works of national masters, young and middle-aged innovative ceramics, top 10 famous kilns in China, and antique & arts. Besides, we will held 12 supporting activities in ceramic workshop, trade and cultural exchanges including the Jingdezhen International Forum on High-tech Ceramic, the International Ceramic Cultural Innovation Summit, the National Exchange Conference of Antiques & Arts, the 2nd Jingdezhen Modern International Artistic Ceramics Auction, the National Shape and Decoration Design Competition of Blue-and-white porcelain with rice pattern & Blue-and-white ceramics for daily use, and the Large-Scale Theatrical Performance of Gathering in Porcelain Capital during the Fair.
Gathering in the millennium charming porcelain capital, jointly promote the development of global ceramic industry. The enthusiastic and hospitable people in Jingdezhen sincerely welcome porcelain corporation from home and abroad, ceramic purchaser, ceramic supplier, tourist guests to Jingdezhen for showing, trading and visiting in the golden October.

Five major characteristics of the I.C.F
High-level: The fair is sponsored by the Ministry of State Commerce, China National Light Industry Council, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government. The International Forum on High-tech Ceramic is sponsored by the Ministry of Science &Technology and Jingxi Provincial People’s Government.
Large-scale: The exhibitors covering mainly porcelain production regions including Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei, Hunan, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian, and enterprises from Top Ten famous Kiln in China. The overseas enterprises covering mainly porcelain production countries all over the world and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan.
Wide-category:The exhibits including the artistic porcelain for displaying, daily-use porcelain, industrial ceramics, the high-tech ceramics, the building and sanitary ceramics, ceramics machinery and the ceramic auxiliary materials.
Great- atmosphere: we held supporting activities in ceramic workshop, trade and cultural exchanges including the International Forum on High-tech Ceramic, Jingdezhen International Contemporary International Ceramic Exhibition, Jingdezhen International Art Porcelain Auction, Pass the Flame&Memorial Ceremony of “Three Gods of Porcelain” during the Fair.
New-form: To improve the trading of the Fair, we held Face to Face Contact Conference for Purchasers and Suppliers, Talks on Investment and Trade, Internal and Foreign Trade Contracts Sign conference.



Wind Yixing Ceramic Pottery Art Museum opened in China

By Ceramic Design

June 12, after nearly six months of meticulous preparation, “Tao is the wind – China Yixing Ceramic Art Exhibition” In the grand opening. NPC Standing Committee, Jiang Shusheng, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee vice chairman of Sun, Lin Wenyi, Yu Linxiang, political commissar of the Armed Police Force General, Deputy Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, Wang Chen, director of the State Council Information Office and the Provincial Standing Committee, Party Secretary Yang, Municipal Standing Committee, Yixing Municipal such as secretary, attended the opening ceremony and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of the exhibition. Attended the opening ceremony were Wu Guanzhong celebrities such as the arts and cultural community.

The opening ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, the former South Korean ceramic culture of Mr. Jiang Qingzhi Association, China Association of Ceramic Technology Museum Curator Mr. Liu and Mr. Fan Dian China office said. UNESCO International Ceramic Association, USA and China Ceramics Society, Ceramic Society of Korea, the Chinese Arts and Crafts Association, the Chinese Arts and Crafts Society, the Chinese Nationalist Party Chairman of the Bureau of the CRIC, etc. Mr. Huang Zhengxiong and sent a congratulatory telegram.

Yang gave a warm speech. He said that the exhibition is to the National People’s Yixing presented a gift, but also the cultural life of the majority of the people of a big happy event. Yixing would hope that the exhibition as a new starting point, and further carry forward and promote the ceramic culture, the “Tao of China are” more ring called the “purple card” more brightly polished.

The “Tao is the wind – China Yixing Ceramic Art Exhibition” strong line-up, the entire exhibition area of nearly a thousand square meters, includes 20 classic works of history, as well as 10 countries Yixing masters of arts and crafts, arts and crafts 14 provincial master 27 provinces, including arts and crafts celebrity industry more than 100 elite 216 fine ceramics. This 216 (sets) of work covered by the purple, blue, are pottery, fine pottery, painted the United States “five golden flowers” of a variety of styles and genres, including purple works for more than 80%. A unique and perfect the art form Yixing thick highlights the context and the high level of ceramic art.

After the opening ceremony, around Yixing Yixing Ceramic Art is also the historical categories of the causes and the development trend of the cultural values purple on the impact of economic and social development, such as the contents of the invitation of the Chinese Art Research Association, the National Palace Museum, the leading experts in Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts scholars in the China Art Gallery held a symposium. “Tao is the wind,” the exhibition will show June 12 to June 22, the capital, people and tourists around the world will be fortunate enough to see the unique Yixing Ceramic Art style.



African Ceramics Conference

By Ceramic Design

The Centre for Visual Arts and the University of KwaZulu-Natal at the Pietermaritzburg Campus is hosting the second African Ceramics Conference September 18th – 27th. The conference will focus not only on ceramic fine arts and craft, but also on ethnology, anthropology, archaeology, and museology.

Papers presented will include “Figurative Forms and Changing Markets,” “Of Dreams, Clay and People: The Artistry of Seni Awa Camara,” “Women Potters of the Folona, Mali,” and “Ritual Vessels Amongst Some Traditional Healers in E. Mpumalanga.”

Also presented will be two films, and at least eleven different workshops, ranging from traditional forming and firing methods to firing in gas kilns. In addition, three different galleries will have ceramics exhibitions which conference attendees will be able to visit.

This sounds like a fascinating and very informative experience! You can get more information about the conference here… Follow the links on the left-hand side of the page.