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Crackled ceramic Vase

By Ceramic Design

Crackled ceramic Vase
small order accepted
different design available

Product Features

Crackled ceramic Vase

Size: 20*19CM, we can do other sizes according to your requests.

Material: fine clay & glaze

package:1pc per box, It is guaranteed to arrive in good working condition.

Product Description

Crackled ceramic Vase comes in Jingdezhen China.

It is a perfect home decorative vase.

Many other designs available, pls contact us to know more details.

Price:: FOB USD 1~2000 / Piece
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Minimum Order Quantity:: Negotiable Trial Order
Minimum Order Quantity:: 1 Pair/PairsTrial Order
Port:: Shanghai
Packaging Details:: 1pc per box, It is guaranteed to arrive in good working condition.
Delivery Time:: according to order qty.
Payment Terms:: L/C,T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability:: 2000 Piece/Pieces per Month



Ceramic Cup

By Ceramic Design

Drinkware Type: Mugs Material: Ceramic Ceramic Type: Clay
Certification: CE / EU Feature: Eco-Friendly Place of Origin: Jiangxi China (Mainland) Model Number: RYH140 Color: blue and white
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 10pcs into a box or carton. all packing must be carefully
Delivery Detail: 15-45days

Ceramic cup
High quality and reasonable price
With chinese characteristics
Small order accepted

Chinese Ceramic cup painted blue lotus inside. 100%hand made. Eco-friendly products.

Item no:RYH140
Dimensions: 3centimeters high * 7centimeters diameter
Condition: very good to excellent used-no chips or cracks.

Package: 10pcs into a box or carton. all packing must be carefully

Delivery time: 15-45days
FOB Shanghai



Beautiful Ceramic Fair Cup

By Ceramic Design

Drinkware Type: Mugs Material: Ceramic Ceramic Type: Clay
Certification: CE / EU Feature: Eco-Friendly Place of Origin: Jiangxi China (Mainland)
Model Number: RYR108 COLOR: blue and white
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 10pcs into a box or carton. It must be packed carefully
Delivery Detail: 15-45days

Cup for drinking tea, milk, coffee
Good quality and cheap price
It is a eco-friendly product
We accept small order


Item No: RYR108

Material: fine ceramics

Size: 4.5 centimeters high, 10 centimeters diameter.

Place of origin: Jingdezhen China

Package: 10pcs into a box or carton. It must be packed carefully.


Ceramic Fair Cup, handmade by experienced artist.It has fine painter and best workmanship.

Use fair cup to drink tea is a joy, it can ensure the tea with same aroma,same color and same concentration.



Jingdezhen ceramics design company opened the first professional

By Ceramic Design

May 29, is located in Jingdezhen City, Tao Yuan Fan Sheng Jingyu opposite the old campus was founded ceramic design. The focus in Ceramics design enterprises to the city’s first appearance in the national identity is also an unusual debut, filling gaps in professional ceramic design company, domestic ceramics industry to promote the development, promotion of higher education Ceramic Design The combination of ceramic production and provided technical support and human resources guarantee. City leaders and other distinguished guests and many Huangkang Ming ceramics industry attend.

Cheng, chairman of the company’s long hair told reporters on the current status of the ceramic industry as a whole look, pay attention to brand building, design-driven ceramic enterprises are rare. Many companies need to design talent, but less importance to explore and develop design talent, more reluctant to pay more for outstanding design talents costs, and the products cause serious homogenization phenomenon not ? long-term development of the Xing Ye. In this context the company came into being, efforts to promote industrial upgrading and leap-forward development, Jingdezhen ceramics industry bigger and stronger and make due contributions.



Ceramic Tile Decorating Ideas

By Ceramic Design

  • Ceramic tiles are tiles made from clay that has been fired, similar to pottery. Typically ceramic tiles also include a glaze and are made into nearly any color. The tile is most commonly used in places like kitchens and bathrooms. When homeowners choose to create their own ceramic tile design, they have a choice between different colors, sizes and styles.

Plan Colors

  • Because ceramic tiles can come in such an array of shades, homeowners have the freedom to choose between many different colors. The options can overwhelm some homeowners, but it is necessary to remember that colors should always follow style. If homeowners want a cheering kitchen, they should focus on pale fruit colors. A Tuscan kitchen lean more toward ambers and golds, while striking modern designs are made using both very dark and very light tile.

Create Murals and Mosaics

  • Murals and mosaics are some of the most common tile decorations. A mural is actually painted on a set of tiles, while a mosaic is made of many small tiles placed together. These are very useful for decoration, but only use them in areas where there are no other patterns or pictures to distract from the tile work itself.

Use Accent Tiles

  • Accent tiles are special tiles designed to place along borders or in the center of tile arrangements. Most accent tiles are glass or mirror tiles, which can create useful effects, especially in areas like bathrooms. Homeowners should not overuse accent tiles but limit them to patterns using many more muted tiles.

Intersperse Tile With Other Materials

  • One modern fashion uses ceramic tiles but installs them in the midst of other materials. A floor might consist of a dozen large ceramic tiles installed into squares cut out in wood planks, using the tiles as accent marks. Tile are installed in other mediums like concrete too, which is one of the most expensive options but can create a striking effect.

Lay Tile in Unexpected Areas

  • Homeowners can cut many types of tile cut and fit it into unexpected areas, creating an unusual style that works well if homeowners want to add individual touches to their homes. Homeowners can tile cabinets in between doors, the sides of bar areas, the walls or entryways and other areas where tile is not often used but makes an area more resistant to spills and scuffs.



Christian Art Tiles by Balian

By Ceramic Design

Custom Christian art tile murals which are either digitally decorated or hand painted and designed on special ceramic tiles which will withstand extreme chemical and physical conditions. The tiles tiles are fired to a maximum temperature of a 1000 degrees Celsius so as to give maximum color and design durability.

All the decorative Christian art tile design murals in these series are produced with the unique technique of in glaze ceramic hand painting. In this case the pattern is applied to the surface of a glazed and fired tile and then  fired to a temperature of about 900 degrees centigrade where the colors melt into the glaze of the tile.

The tile images to be reproduced were provided to us by Margaret Kaplan of the Singer Foundation in the form of posters and digital files. These files in return were transferred to the surface of the tiles with a unique technique recently developed in Europe. As you can see when you browse through the different images that the only limitation to what kind of patterns you can do on tiles is your imagination.

All of these techniques have been handed over to us throughout more than 80 years of the Balian Tile history from father to son and to daughter. There are very few other tile studios worldwide  which match the intricacy and brilliance of the range patterns  and quality which we produce to this present day.

The hand painted ceramic tiles and pottery of Balian Armenian Ceramics have been exhibited all over the world in various museums and institutions. The zenith being the solo exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum of Washington D.C. in 1992 and at  ALMA (The Armenian Library and Museum of America in Boston MA). Our pottery has also been the subject of numerous articles in magazines and newspapers worldwide. These include The New York Times , The Washington Post, The Irish Times and The Chicago Tribune. Some copies of these articles can be seen on this web site at the What They Write About Us  pages. Original and authentic  Balian Armenian Ceramics  is sold only at our factory and retail outlet on 14 Nablus Rd. East Jerusalem( and now on our web site). The present location of our factory  is where the true form of art known as Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem was born. We are the only studio in Jerusalem producing our own ceramic ware and Christian art tiles by methods handed over to us by our grandparents and parents.




Metallica Mosaic

By Ceramic Design

Metallized mosaic. The single pressure-firing mosaic line, Metallica, features the surface in metallic finish which, toghether with the wave given by the different tonalities of the mosaic, allow the realization of a surface having particular light and reflex effects, both in interior furnishing and in external facade lining.



Opera Mosaic

By Ceramic Design

A story is a mosaic of tessera reach in independent, but still inseparable, meanings.  The history of mosaic is then the mosaic par excellence, of which Appiani -with is living tradition since 1874 – is a tessera as well.  Small Big.Appiani, with Opera,  adds to this story a new important  tessera.
A products in monopressure ceramic for internal and external flooring, especially large sizes.
By composing in a creative manner tessera-tiles of different sizes and colours, Appiani has created Opera modules, which can be freely assembled in various composition with an high decorating and architectural value.



Anthologhia ceramic mosaic

By Ceramic Design

Ceramic mosaic. Anthologhias’s colours - single pressure-firing line- have the characteristic to be available in different tonalities, allowing the realization of a pleasant slightly waved mosaic. Mosaic inserts come together with rectangular formats. The result is a surface of contemporary taste showing a linear fusion of art and technique, game and rigour. A great number of mixtures of colors are avaialble. The whole collection features and easy and safe cleaning, with a double layer glazing, which makes it fit for any type of application.  Anthologhia mosaic line is completed by special pieces and finishes.



Brillante: incredible, it’s ceramic!

By Ceramic Design

From the skills of Fap ceramiche in creating complete solutions comes Brillante, the new collection of ultrathin, ultra-polish white body tiles with coordinated porcelain stoneware floor tiles. One large size 30.5×91.5 cm, rectified – just 5.5 mm thick, runs along the walls to create a sophisticated striped marble texture, with a vein which tells a centuries-old story.
The extraordinary design skill of Fap ceramiche is shown concretely in the presence of original special trims,all finished with the range of coordinated TonoSuTono grouts. This particular element is used to create perfect bathrooms, with attention right down to the last detail. The tiling becomes total, absolutely complete, like a veil laid over the floors and walls. This is one of the winning features of Fap ceramiche, which has always paid attention to the most advanced technological research, to create effective design solutions with unique beauty.  
New colours and decorations, evocative and shining, study marble from a unique point of view, examining the thousand aspects of the material and discovering hidden qualities and features, for increasingly sophisticated ideas. 5 exclusive colours: Brown, Champagne, Fumè, Lemon, Quartz.
Marble is reinterpreted with Brillante in an ultrathin tile, which maintains its strength and character but dresses it up in a new, lightweight and impalpable meaning. A contrast which becomes the expression guiding thread of this perfect synergy.
Its thickness allows Brillante to be laid on existing tiles, becoming an exclusive partner for creating practical bathrooms, kitchens and living areas, veritable works of art which pay attention to the demands of modern environments. 
With this collection, Fap ceramiche once again declares its attention to protecting the environment. An absolutely cutting-edge production technology has made it possible to create this ultra-thin product, limiting the use of raw materials, water, energy and above almost negligible amounts of waste – which is in any case correctly disposed of or recycled – and harmful substances.
The bathrooms created with this new range can be combined with the Fap+ collection of ceramic accessories.
Brillante: under the sign of lightness!