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Basics of Thrown Pottery Forms

By Ceramic Design

Thrown pottery forms can incorporate a number of specific areas, or parts. Bringing the knowledge of those areas to the forefront of your mind as you plan a pot or while throwing can help you create more pleasing pottery. It will also help you develop your own aesthetic or style in your work, simply by giving you a more concrete framework from which to launch your artistic “voice.”

The rim, also sometimes called the lip, is the open upper edge of the pot. Various styles of rims are possible, from the minimalist cut-like opening to elaborate compound ogee rims.

When thinking of your pots’ rims, remember to take into account the use that the pot is likely to be put to. Sharp openings are uncomfortable for drinking, and elaborate ones will make your beaker into a dribble glass. If the function is to hold flowers or some other object, think of how the rim area will help the viewer’s eye make the transition from the pot to the object it is holding.

Thrown Pottery Forms


The neck of the pot, if there is one, also needs to follow its function. Certain necks are impractical for pottery that is to be used in the kitchen, for storage, or for any purpose that requires a hand to be able to reach its bottom.

The neck should also enhance the feeling you want to impart to your audience. For example, long thin necks tend to “read” as elegant, refined, and sometimes as prissy. Shorter, stout necks often give the user the feeling of sturdiness, stability, and strength.


The shoulder is the area in which there is a fairly obvious and sharp delineation between the neck and the body of the pot. If included in a particular pot, it becomes a strong focal point for the form and should be treated with authority. Tentative direction changes in this area of a pot will weaken the aesthetic feel of the entire vessel.


Not all pots have waists. As you would expect, when they are present, the waist on a pot is an area in which the form is collared inward. Pottery waists may consist of a strong demarcation between the upper and lower regions, or be a gentle concave curve between the outward swelling of the upper and lower areas it joins together.


The widest outwardly or convexly swelling area of a pot, especially if it is centered in the lower half of the form, is known as its belly. The belly, waist, and shoulder of a pot, taken together, are often known as the body of the pot.


Pots may or may not have a foot. When present, the foot is an area that is distinct from the body of the pot, and which is smaller in circumference than the body. The foot raises the pot up and away from whatever surface the pot is standing upon.

Feet are generally viewed as giving a pot more elegance and “presence”; visually they make the pottery form read as lighter. Tactility they can make a pot feel more comfortable in the hand if the pot is small enough for the hand to cup around its base. An overly tall, spindly foot can make a pot look and often actually be unstable.



18th. Century Chinese Porcelain Pillow With Figural Design

By Ceramic Design

18th. Century Chinese Porcelain Pillow With Figural Design – Master Chinese Ceramic Artist

18th. Century Chinese Porcelain Pillow With Figural Design

Master Chinese Ceramic Artist

Ceramic Art – Antique Porcelain Pillow





13.000 x 18.000 cm.

This original ceramic art is currently for sale.   At the present time, originals are not offered for sale through the FineArtAmerica secure checkout system.   Please contact the artist directly to inquire about purchasing this original.


18th. century Chinese porcelain pillow with hand decorated figural design. The pillow mate is available at a discount, if desirable to the buyer. Additional photos available on request to the interested buyer. Reasonable offers might be considered. We offer free shipping by priority mail to our USA customers and shipping at cost to our international clientele.


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What Are Pottery and Ceramics?

By Ceramic Design

What are pottery and ceramics? Is there a difference? Is everything that is made out of clay pottery? Are all ceramics made out of clay?

Pottery and ceramics have been an important part of human culture for thousands of years. From prehistoric storage jars to tiles on the space shuttles, pottery and ceramics have played a key role in innumerable human endeavors. But how do we define them?

What Are Ceramics?


Images Courtesy of Quinnums and Bernt Rostad (Flickr) and Beth Peterson

Technically, ceramics are those things made from materials which are permanently changed when heated. For example, clay has chemically-bonded water in it which will cause it to slake down (disintegrate) when a dried clay object is put in water. Once heated (fired) to between 660⁰ and 1470⁰F (350⁰ and 800⁰C), the clay is converted to ceramic and will never dissolve again.

All clay is a ceramic material, but there are other ceramic materials, as well. Glazes are also ceramic materials, because they permanently change during firing. Industrial ceramics include a range of materials such as silica carbide and zirconium oxide.



Jingdezhen Ceramic read up the development of market trends

By Ceramic Design

Recently, the city of Jingdezhen Porcelain Bureau released 1-6 months in 2009 the city’s major economic data ceramic industry. Ceramic industrial output value 5,020,000,000 yuan, 3.02 billion yuan year-on-year growth of 66.23 percent year-on-year; ceramic exports 85,926,000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 189.96 percent; Ceramic 1.02 billion yuan of investment in fixed assets, representing 30.77 percent increase over the same period last year; Ceramic 46,590,000 total tax revenue yuan, up 37.56 percent.

The face of the global spread of financial crisis, trade in China’s economy has shrunk dramatically background, Jingdezhen Ceramic why did not the impact of the weak by the market, but production and exports to create the best results? Jingdezhen Ceramic exports are up against the market trend of how to achieve? Growth of exports in what? As related to management, porcelain in Jingdezhen City Council made a specific work which propelled the development of the industry?

During the interview, the city of Jingdezhen porcelain Board agreed that relevant staff: “All have hit an all-time high of Jingdezhen ceramic industry, the hard-won.”

It is reported that the investment in Jingdezhen ceramics industry working as a revitalization of the city’s ceramics industry breakthrough. Delta in recent years, there have been, Franz, East Jing, evergreen, such as Taiwan-funded flight God and Zhejiang, Leroy set up the city, such as domestic enterprises, these enterprises are set up not only capital, but also bring new technologies and new management mechanism effectively promote the ceramic industrial restructuring, for the Jingdezhen ceramics industry bigger and stronger impetus.

It is understood that a ceramic floor to the beginning of the project is the economic effectiveness, it normally takes 2-3 years cycle. After a few years ago a lot of hard and fruitful work of the investment, the city’s ceramics industry sustainable development of the power savings, and now is gradually showing strong staying power, while increasing the resilience of the market on the magic ability to resist risks.

Investment in large enterprises located in Jingdezhen, the Jingdezhen Ceramic local private enterprises are competitive and learning by leaps and bounds in the development and growth. As the first half of 2008, the city-wide annual sales above five million yuan Total Ceramic 69-scale enterprises, to 77 in the second half to June 2009, the number increased to 101.

With the city’s ceramics industry bigger and stronger, the first half of 2009 to achieve export growth of 189.96 percent year-on-year, in addition to the national introduction of export tax rebates, tax incentives and other things, the size of ceramic enterprises in the city this year, growth in production and export of ceramic to achieve high growth provided sufficient conditions.

It is understood that the city’s export sales of ceramics to high-grade daily-use porcelain mainly concentrated in Europe and the United States market area. Daily-use porcelain major trade show, “Art of daily-use porcelain and artistic porcelain for daily use” features, beautifully designed, excellent quality, in the international market with a strong brand competitiveness. Ceramic products of excellent quality and good reputation, but also exports Jingdezhen Ceramic important reasons for continuing higher.

The city’s ceramics industry to obtain the investment performance, benefiting from the City party committee and government attach great importance at the same time, and porcelain in Jingdezhen City Council of this “gold service teams” are inseparable. Porcelain in Jingdezhen City Council, the investment projects have been established for each item linked to point of service accountability, personnel tracking, full-service, and effectively for the enterprise, the project to resolve the practical difficulties, in order to lift the worries of enterprise development, and then build up this team brand and credibility.

Reporter, that the first half of 2009 the city of Jingdezhen porcelain in investment projects and made progress in many new, Fujian Chinese businessmen to invest Menshov color printing packing items, ceramic items Menshov Chinese city have been settled, the Japanese love and Jingdezhen ceramics will also invest in the first half of the new contract this year 13 projects, of which 2 billion project, the contract total amount of 1.025 billion yuan, 2.2 million U.S. dollars of foreign capital, the actual domestic investments 827,700,000 yuan.

At the same time, the city of ceramic-related industries in the project also achieved new breakthroughs in the declaration. Porcelain in Jingdezhen City Ceramic enterprises has played an active role to help the country to declare the project, focusing on SME Innovation Fund to declare the country, the state’s key new products and Torch Program projects, national projects for the development of ceramic industry funds, the first half of a total of 58 ceramic items to declare.

Among them, Tonghui Electronics Co., Ltd. “shear modulus used in high-frequency resonant piezoelectric ceramic materials and components in the test” project with the Powder Technology Co., Ltd. and Kawasaki’s “Preparation of low-temperature pressure hydrolysis optical powders with nano-zirconia “project in the city of Technology Bureau and other relevant departments of the great assistance of the Ministry of Science and Technology were given the first batch of 2009 Innovation Fund for small and medium-sized 800,000 yuan and 70 million yuan to support; Jingdezhen City geological team,” the exploration of ceramic raw materials “and” goose Jian-Wei Town, china clay mining exploration “project by the Land and Resources Office at 11 million yuan and 210 million; owned factory in Jingdezhen city of the founding of the” Ceramic Industrial Design Service Platform “project with the pottery village of Sambo’s” creative services platform Ceramic Art “project by the National Development and Reform Commission at 1.2 million yuan and 150 million; Jingdezhen Ceramics Co., Ltd. Wang Lung’s “traditional features exquisite ceramic ware production line transformation” project commissioned by the State Public Works letter dated 4.32 million yuan of special funds.

At present, in order to speed up the implementation of brand strategy ceramics, porcelain in Jingdezhen City Council is active in the declaration registered “ Emperor Factory” trademark, certification mark the four traditional porcelains, this new “South-chang” in Jiangxi province, such as 6, a registered trademark of the work of also speed up the on-going.

At present, the city has 60 ceramic ceramic products business has its own registered trademark, there are 21 “China Well-known Trademark”, “Chinese famous brand”, “Jiangxi brand name”, “famous” trademarks and other brands.

Designed to cultivate the market for ceramics, ceramics for daily use to increase the city’s industrial competitiveness, Jingdezhen City Ceramic Board also actively guide companies to set up conditional ceramic design companies, to enhance product design and innovation capabilities. At the same time, actively explore the establishment and integration of online marketing platform to build online sales platform for the city’s ceramics, ceramic production enterprise for the city to open up new sales channels. To build a logistics base, and improve support to enhance the competitiveness of industry.