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Four-handled Underglaze-red Flask with Carved Design of Dragon among Clouds

By Ceramic Design Ideas

Four-handled Underglaze-red Flask with Carved Design of Dragon among Clouds


Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368)

Special in shape, the flask is embedded with strong nomadic characteristics. The design of dragon among clouds shows the quality and artistic style of the underglaze-red porcelain in the early period of the Yuan dynasty.



Oversized Coffee Cups

By Ceramic Design

Coffee lovers cannot get enough of their favorite beverage, so having an oversized coffee cup is particularly useful. An oversized mug allows the coffee drinker to have ample servings of coffee at one time, without having to worry about constantly refilling the mug. Making an oversized mug is relatively easy and you can do many things with the finished product, including giving it to other coffee lovers as a gift.

  • 1

    Lay old newspapers down to protect your work area. If you’re working on a table with texture, the newspapers will keep the clay from absorbing the design on the table.

  • 2

    Take a fist-sized piece of clay and roll it into a ball. Put the ball on the table and stick your thumbs in the center. Carefully pinch the clay, extending it out to the desired width of your mug. Keep in mind that for an oversized coffee cup, the base should be wide. Do not worry if the sides start to cave in or are too thin; you can fix any problems in the next steps.

  • 3

    Take another ball of clay and use both hands to roll out a long coil. Slowly and evenly distribute pressure along the coil to ensure that it remains the same size. Avoid rolling the coil too thin; it should be no thinner than a quarter of an inch.

  • 4

    Attach the coil to the bottom piece of clay by first scoring the bottom of the coil. Scoring is done by creating a checked pattern into the clay with a needle. Wet the scored area using a paintbrush dipped in water. After you have scored it, attach the coil onto the bottom slab and smooth the inside and outside edges together. Continue stacking the coils one on top of another until you have reached the desired height for your oversized coffee cup. Read more »



stylish coat racks ceramic design ideas

By Ceramic Design

This Ceramic coating designed by Star Way Pudelskern. It was inspired by the beautiful landscape reminiscent of the surface you can get when you buy the seeds of Ornithogalum dubium interest through high-power microscope. Pads stars, some with and some without hooks, bound as the fingers of both hands Ceramic coating. Star Way is not just a cabinet against the wall, but also an excellent modern facilities in each room. The composition of each unit is a high position different to the next section and therefore offers numerous configurations – like a puzzle without rules. You can see this picture Ceramic coating here :

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Ceramic Tile Decorating Ideas

By Ceramic Design

  • Ceramic tiles are tiles made from clay that has been fired, similar to pottery. Typically ceramic tiles also include a glaze and are made into nearly any color. The tile is most commonly used in places like kitchens and bathrooms. When homeowners choose to create their own ceramic tile design, they have a choice between different colors, sizes and styles.

Plan Colors

  • Because ceramic tiles can come in such an array of shades, homeowners have the freedom to choose between many different colors. The options can overwhelm some homeowners, but it is necessary to remember that colors should always follow style. If homeowners want a cheering kitchen, they should focus on pale fruit colors. A Tuscan kitchen lean more toward ambers and golds, while striking modern designs are made using both very dark and very light tile.

Create Murals and Mosaics

  • Murals and mosaics are some of the most common tile decorations. A mural is actually painted on a set of tiles, while a mosaic is made of many small tiles placed together. These are very useful for decoration, but only use them in areas where there are no other patterns or pictures to distract from the tile work itself.

Use Accent Tiles

  • Accent tiles are special tiles designed to place along borders or in the center of tile arrangements. Most accent tiles are glass or mirror tiles, which can create useful effects, especially in areas like bathrooms. Homeowners should not overuse accent tiles but limit them to patterns using many more muted tiles.

Intersperse Tile With Other Materials

  • One modern fashion uses ceramic tiles but installs them in the midst of other materials. A floor might consist of a dozen large ceramic tiles installed into squares cut out in wood planks, using the tiles as accent marks. Tile are installed in other mediums like concrete too, which is one of the most expensive options but can create a striking effect.

Lay Tile in Unexpected Areas

  • Homeowners can cut many types of tile cut and fit it into unexpected areas, creating an unusual style that works well if homeowners want to add individual touches to their homes. Homeowners can tile cabinets in between doors, the sides of bar areas, the walls or entryways and other areas where tile is not often used but makes an area more resistant to spills and scuffs.



Antique Ceramic Wash Basin by Simpolo

By Ceramic Design

Ceramic design ideas inspired by Mexican culture and express a cheerful and friendly personality. Embrace color and bringing new sensations of art and functional furniture. This colorful design wash basin corresponding to bathroom space.

Perfectly combines simple design with the color combination sink. Use the full set of bathroom products, we will be more pleased with the flower vase and dish soap with the same theme. As the perfect cross-cultural decoration, we can apply one of the antique ceramic bowl with our modern concept.(From )

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Ceramic Money Box – Fish

By Ceramic Design

How do you locate a truly unique and original gift? Ceramic Money Box – Fish

Simple. Get one of our hand-made money boxes – you can have a name added to make it unique for your child or friend. A great way to teach people to save money!

Images of our Whale Money Boxes are shown below, but don’t forget – we make money boxes in ALL SORTS of animal styles.



Brillante: incredible, it’s ceramic!

By Ceramic Design

From the skills of Fap ceramiche in creating complete solutions comes Brillante, the new collection of ultrathin, ultra-polish white body tiles with coordinated porcelain stoneware floor tiles. One large size 30.5×91.5 cm, rectified – just 5.5 mm thick, runs along the walls to create a sophisticated striped marble texture, with a vein which tells a centuries-old story.
The extraordinary design skill of Fap ceramiche is shown concretely in the presence of original special trims,all finished with the range of coordinated TonoSuTono grouts. This particular element is used to create perfect bathrooms, with attention right down to the last detail. The tiling becomes total, absolutely complete, like a veil laid over the floors and walls. This is one of the winning features of Fap ceramiche, which has always paid attention to the most advanced technological research, to create effective design solutions with unique beauty.  
New colours and decorations, evocative and shining, study marble from a unique point of view, examining the thousand aspects of the material and discovering hidden qualities and features, for increasingly sophisticated ideas. 5 exclusive colours: Brown, Champagne, Fumè, Lemon, Quartz.
Marble is reinterpreted with Brillante in an ultrathin tile, which maintains its strength and character but dresses it up in a new, lightweight and impalpable meaning. A contrast which becomes the expression guiding thread of this perfect synergy.
Its thickness allows Brillante to be laid on existing tiles, becoming an exclusive partner for creating practical bathrooms, kitchens and living areas, veritable works of art which pay attention to the demands of modern environments. 
With this collection, Fap ceramiche once again declares its attention to protecting the environment. An absolutely cutting-edge production technology has made it possible to create this ultra-thin product, limiting the use of raw materials, water, energy and above almost negligible amounts of waste – which is in any case correctly disposed of or recycled – and harmful substances.
The bathrooms created with this new range can be combined with the Fap+ collection of ceramic accessories.
Brillante: under the sign of lightness!